After the release of the first album „…where arrogant wind blows…” in Spring 2005 a lot of changes happened for the musicians in a kain migel: Their music on the new release “Miles from the truth” became harder. The reason might lay in incidents which accompanied their lifes and sometimes overshadowed their being. On the one side there had to be fights with different institutions, both lost members of their family and health problems caused consequent changes in the living of both musicians.

Sometimes the overwhelming absurdity of life can only be translated into rage. A kain migel try to find channels to let their anger come music and art. In nearly 2 years 8 songs where produced, which sound more direct, less playful and out of this more aggressive. But a kain migel still stick to their love for detailed, difficult sounds so that each song still needs time to show all of his facets. The listener needs some time with these intensive hearing experiences, which lyrically mirror the discords in an increasingly complex global situation.

A kain migel work nearly 5 years consequent in this duo situation, which does not make any compromises to anybody else, neither in their music nor in their attitude towards release politics. There is a good team of other artists which accompany the band in questions of artwork and photography. R. Parzer did the new surprising artwork and Nilz Böhme did all the photos.

Since autumn 2006 Migel and A. Kain finally found people who can translate the songs into live versions, so that “Miles from the truth” will be presented on stage from early 2007 onwards.